Decorative Bolt Covers for Toilets - by Jewels For The Loo

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The artist Stephanie, shown making toilet bolt cover designs by hand scultping every detail into clay

Stephanie Montesanto (formerly, Stephanie Wirkkala) artist/entrepreneur, is the mastermind behind Jewels for the LOO.  She is a graduate of California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo with a B.S. in Applied Art & Graphic Design and successfully worked in the field of graphic design for a number of years with her own firm.

The concept for Jewels for the LOO began in 2000, when she began gluing beads to existing bolt covers.  Her prototypes were well received and thus she began modifying her designs using different mediums and artistic flair.  In 2010, Stephanie came up with the solution of creating a durable line of Jewels in the art of ceramic at Muddy's Studio in Southern California.

Stephanie spends time developing product along with creating new ideas in the studio.  Her products have become extremely popular. This truly is a success story in the making.