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Decorative Bolt Covers for Toilets
Available in a variety of designs and colors!

Have you ever looked at your toilets and noticed the plastic floor bolt covers? – No matter how expensive or basic your toilet is, the toilet bolt caps are unsightly and, let's face it, just plain boring. Now you can add a decorative accent to any toilet with Jewels for the Loo® – Custom porcelain ceramic hand crafted toilet bolt caps in a variety of creative designs and colors!

Replace plastic bolt covers with durable
and decorative ceramic bolt caps.

Add a beautiful and unique accent to your toilet by easily replacing standard toilet bolt caps with ceramic Jewels for the Loo® bolt caps. These decorative toilet bolt caps are made of porcelain and replace the boring plastic toilet bolt caps and add a touch of flair to any bathroom.

Fit all standard toilets, easy to install, easy to clean.

They are made of durable ceramic, they don't show dirt, and they are simple to clean, and fit easily over all toilet floor bolts.

Give as a truly unique gift

Choose from a wide variety of designs and many beautiful colors.  Order for yourself or give as a truly unique gift to a friend and...

Give your throne the royal treatment today with Jewels for the Loo®

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