Decorative Bolt Covers for Toilets - by Jewels For The Loo




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Zero to Five Minute Easy Install of Jewels for the LOO...

Whether your toilet and its floor bolts are old or new, Jewels for the LOO will easily cover them.

Remove standard floor bolt caps:

  1. Snap off top of plastic bolt cap easily with a knife

  2. Remove plastic bottom section by unscrewing nut with a wrench

  3. After removing bottom of plastic bolt cap, immediately screw nut back on to bolt and tighten. (NOTE: Do not sit or put weight on toilet before securing nut back onto bolt or you risk damaging the toilet's wax seal.)

To install Jewels for the LOO:

"0 Minute" Placement:  Simply place each Jewel over exposed toilet floor bolts.

"5 Minute" Secure Positioning:

  1. Using silicone caulking/ sealant (found at any hardware store or online), dot the bottom edge of your Jewels.

  2. Place and press down each Jewel directly over toilet floor bolts on either side of toilet.

  3. Use a paper towel to wipe any excess silicone off the base of toilet.  If you have children, adhering your Jewels securely is recommended.